How I Teach: Surface area to volume ratio- Transport in Organisms

In this blog, I will discuss how I teach surface area to volume ratio (SA:V) in the context of transport in organisms. This sequence takes a few lessons but it does depend on the class. These are the questions I want my students to answer at the end of this teaching sequence: What is surface... Continue Reading →

How can we motivate our students?

'Motivation influences behaviour, learning and wellbeing' Motivated Teaching by Peps Mccrea Motivated students work hard to succeed and are the dream of teachers everywhere. But being motivated to learn can be difficult especially when some students are not used to feeling successful. How do you help these students feel like they can achieve and do... Continue Reading →

Return of the Sunday blues

I have always wanted to teach but for some reason I never considered it an actual career. After my degree (which I spent explaining things to my classmates before assessments), I chose to complete a Masters and a PhD in Biology. I always thought I would end up in Research and possibly lecture eventually. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

How I teach: protein synthesis at KS4

The sequence of protein synthesis from a gene on a chromosome to a correctly-folded protein appears in the Triple or Separate Sciences content on GCSE specifications. In this learning sequence, students are expected to know that a template made of RNA is complementary to the gene sequence. This template passes through the ribosome where it... Continue Reading →

Routines: before a lesson and after a task

Effective routines make great classroom teaching possible. I have previously written about general routines that can transform the classroom culture and atmosphere for the better, when executed consistently. In this post, I will share routines for students before they start the lesson and after they finish a task. Start of the lesson: To avoid student... Continue Reading →

Thank you to all Pastoral teams

This term has been one of the toughest that teachers have ever experienced. Most of us are moving around to different classrooms, planning normal and remote lessons, dealing with reduced staff numbers as well as many other issues we have never had to consider before. Besides feeling lost most of the time, I have also... Continue Reading →

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