I have always wanted to teach. The story my Mum likes to share is how I would wake my then-8-year-old sister up in the middle of the night during our summer holidays to teach her all about integers and fractions. My sister says she hates fractions because of me but she is a successful accountant now so I am definitely taking credit!

Why Science? Because it really is amazing! I will always be a student of Science, even if I teach it now. There is so much to learn especially with all the advancements in technology and research.

So, what is the point of this website? Hopefully, it will be a place where you can take away workable ideas and useful resources that you can adapt in your own teaching. I am constantly looking out for great, practical ideas that I can easily trial in my classroom. Here, I will aim to explain and appraise resources that can be used to teach Science.

Please feel free to leave suggestions and thoughts and do let me know if anything has been useful to you in your classroom!


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