Teaching Resources

Feel free to use the following resources, some of which are science-specific. Do let me know if they have been useful to you in your teaching or if you have any suggestions for improvement.



Challenge and Help Box

This is a collection of challenge and help cards that students can dip into during a lesson. The challenge cards can also be used as a plenary, especially if a lesson does not go according to plan. The help cards are Science-specific. I have adapted or directly borrowed all cards from the following excellent TES sources:

The (amazing) challenge toolkit

Challenge board

Science graph and table checklists

Science exam question help

My collection of challenge and help cards can be found here on onedrive.


Takeaway Homework Template

This has been adapted from an idea by Ross McGill and templates by MrStoneEnglish and ew2697. My menu is based on an Indian takeaway for two reasons: 1) I am Indian and wanted to do something linked to my ethnicity; and 2) I was hungry while adapting the template!

Click here for my Indian-spiced Science takeaway homework template.


Topic Review Spirals

A review sheet for students to colour code based on their understanding before and after a topic. I have adapted my version using Mrs Humanities’ amazing original template.

Click here for my adapted topic review spiral.


Lions vs Dragons Revision Board Game

This is something I created with lots of help from my wonderful husband, with Game of Thrones fresh in our minds. The game is simple. Divide the class or small groups into two sub-groups: Lions and Dragons. Each group has the choice of either easy, medium or hard questions to answer. If they get the question right, their token moves a certain number of spaces: 1 space for easy questions, 2 spaces for medium questions and 3 spaces for hard questions. The first group/person to reach the End square wins. To reduce the amount of work you do as a teacher, ask your class to prepare easy, medium and hard questions on a topic as homework. Make sure you give them plenty of time to do this so you can check if the questions are good enough. Then either photocopy the questions or print lots of copies (if you ask them to type questions rather than hand-write). Use different colour paper for the easy, medium and hard questions. Once your questions are prepared, you can reuse them with another class as well. If your class is made of students who don’t usually remember key facts, give them the chance to use a textbook with a time limit to come up with their answer.

Click here for my exciting Lions vs Dragons board game with instructions.




Chemical Economics Revision Resource (KS4)

Often, I have found that students cannot grasp how different elements of a topic relate to each other. I have found that this is particularly difficult with the Chemical Economics topic (C3 in OCR Gateway) with complex and seemingly discrete concepts such as atom economy and batch and continuous processes. This is why I decided to create a resource whereby each sub-topic flowed into the next using the same premise throughout. Please bear in mind that the premise I have used, the manufacture of zinc as supplements, is not in any way scientifically accurate but has some link to a big picture for this topic. Finally, at the end of the resource, I have included GCSE exam questions. And I have an answer document too!

Click here for all-in-one C3 revision resource.


A lesson on adaptations (KS3)

This is an A3 worksheet that is used for the entire lesson on adaptations. It is accompanied by a powerpoint presentation. This is a style of resource that I designed during my training and worked really well with students who can get easily distracted or bored by waiting for everyone else to finish a task. The format can be modified for any other topic, in any subject.

Click here for the A3 lesson on adaptations.